Skateboarding Community is Here!

If you skateboard than you need this app.

Have you been fiending for the new Chris Joslin Video part. We will be able to give you that fix. We would like to introduce to you our new solution for a Skateboarding Social Network. We have collected all the newest skateboarding videos and channels from youtube(thrasher,ride channel,transworld,etc..) and arranged them in one place for your… Continue reading Skateboarding Community is Here!

History of Skateboarding Tricks

The future of skateboarding is now. Let history be history.

History of the Skateboarding Trick     Overview Skateboarding as we recognize it today has existed since its invention in the late 1940s. Since its emergence, much of skateboarding’s appeal has been centered on the potential for stunts and performance. There are a variety of different types of common tricks that are learned and performed… Continue reading History of Skateboarding Tricks