Skateboarding Community is Here!

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Have you been fiending for the new Chris Joslin Video part. We will be able to give you that fix. We would like to introduce to you our new solution for a Skateboarding Social Network. We have collected all the newest skateboarding videos and channels from youtube(thrasher,ride channel,transworld,etc..) and arranged them in one place for your shred viewing pleasure.

   Have you been in search of exploring skate spots around the US and don't know where to start? Well, Shreddit is here! You will always find a park or spot nearby without getting stuck or lost. All the parks have been validated and found by satellite and users are always keeping it up to date through comments. 

We are constantly working on improving the apps functionality. It is critical that all the users have a positive and fun interaction throughout the app.  Which is why we always listen to our users. For skaters by skaters. This is for the skate Fam! Bringing the Global Skate Community Together! Currently we are working on users finding each other easier. Stay tuned for more. 

 We have many exciting things happening and its all moving at a very fast pace, so please try to keep up. In the future we are going to be recruiting App ambassadors to help Shreddit grow internally and externally. If you or a friend is interested make sure to contact us:

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